Kids in Motion: A Screening and Therapy Program for Children with Challenging Behavior

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In Jewish schools and kindergartens, as in all educational institutions, some children may fight with learning and behavioral challenges. Symptoms can be persistent, often causing irreversible damage to their lives, and those of their families and institutions.

Scientific research suggests that often the late prevalence of the so-called newborn reflexes is at the root of such issues. Newborn reflexes are inherent, help the baby to be born and survive the initial difficulties of extrauterine existence. They fade in the later months to give way to more complex reflexes that coordinate our movement and sensory processes.

If newborn reflexes prevail, they may cause serious attention, movement, behavioral, and learning abnormalities, hindering development and well-being. Children afflicted with such problems might seem non-attentive, clumsy, or even disobedient. In the worst cases, they are falsely diagnosed, and the therapy – instead of helping them – makes things worse. The self confidence of these children can be affected, damaging their later development.

The prevalence of newborn reflexes, however, is treatable by relatively simple physical therapy. The earlier this therapy begins, the more effective it can be.

Our project aims to organize screening and therapy for the prevalence of newborn reflexes in our students. The institutional framework would provide each pupil equal access, ease the parents’ possible reservations, and help them set up a family-friendly routine.

Experts will teach the screening methods to the teachers. Therapy will be organized within the institutions, during the after-school hours. Professionals will treat and train the children until the newborn reflexes disappear, giving way to peaceful, uninterrupted development.

No medication or pain is involved in this program, which will open new horizons and give many of our children better chances at a successful life.

Timing: 2022/2023 school year
Cost: HUF 2,000,000

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